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Walgrave wellbeing Centre

Walgrave Wellbeing Centre (WWC)

So why is it called a centre? The original idea of this community interest group founded in 2014 was the brainchild of Alan Wild who lived at Cross Lodge. While very active retirees he and his wife Mary could foresee a time when they would be less able to get around, and living in a village with no shop or doctor's surgery Alan, with a small like minded group of friends, began to plan a possible future in which villagers across the generations could reconnect and the older generation could be supported to remain in the village for as long as they were able. The ultimate vision was of a physical space where one might have a chiropodist, physiotherapist or GP hold a clinical session; where the younger and older generations could come together to exchange ideas and skills, and where villagers in need could always find either the help they required or someone to point them in the right direction.

Changes in the group personnel, funding streams, political and NHS priorities have put this vision a little out of reach, and caused WWC to refocus on more easily achievable goals, the main one of which was the leasing of a minibus. Driven in turn by a small group of volunteers, this undertook a weekly trip to allow those without personal transport to be able to do their own shopping etc. in one or other of the local small towns. Additionally, a programme of trips which ranged from seaside days out, through mystery tours and to shopping and sightseeing trips to larger towns were held at regular intervals, and the running costs of the bus covered by a small contribution received from each passenger.

Unfortunately, the timing of the Covid-19 Pandemic, combined with changes in legislation around mini bus maintenance meant that when the mini bus lease expired in July 2020 the WWC was not in the hoped for position of being able to purchase the bus and continue to run. It is hoped that in the longer term we may still be able to do this, so we would welcome any new members of our very select group to help us assess the challenges ahead and revive this much-loved village asset. Interested parties should speak to (and then add yours and John's details)